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DataMatrix .NET Control for Compact Framework (CF) Print E-mail

DataMatrix for Compact Framework Our DataMatrix .NET Control is available for Compact Framework 2.0 (you can use it with Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Windows CE Applications)

You can choose between downloading a .cab file and a .exe file. The difference is that with a cab-file, you can download DataMatrix CF.NET Control directly to your Mobile device. Using the .exe file, you are dependent on a Windows PC and need to install it from the PC which is connected to the Pocket PC through ActiveSync.

File name DataMatrixCFNET20.exe
Product Version 1.1
Release date Jan 29, 2007
File size 314 Kb
Download DataMatrixCFNET20.exe (.exe to install from Windows PC, also contains C# example source code)

How to install EXE file
EXE file will automatically install application on your Pocket PC using ActiveSync.
1. Download EXE file.
2. Insert your Pocket PC into the craddle (or use else connection) and check if ActiveSync is connected.
3. Run the downloaded EXE file to start installation and follow the on-screen instructions.

File name DataMatrixCFd.CAB
Product Version 1.1
Release date Jan 29, 2007
File size 54 Kb
Download DataMatrixCFd.CAB (.cab to install directly from your Mobile device)

How to install CAB file
CAB file should be run from your Pocket PC. You can download it directly to your PDA to avoid connecting it with your desktop PC.
1. Download CAB file.
2. If you downloaded it to your desktop PC, copy it to your Pocket PC using ActiveSync.
3. Run the CAB file on your Pocket PC and follow the on-screen instructions.

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