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Introduction to LabelBar(Pro) objects

LabelBar(Pro) has the following objects:
  • Label
  • Barcode
  • Text
  • Image
  • Line
  • Rect
  • ActiveX object

Each object has its own properties set with the help of which you can configure the necessary object appearance. This properties set is displayed in the object properties window.

The linear barcode BarCode-ActiveX is used as a barcode. However, you can use 2D barcodes in LabelBar(Pro), e.g. DataMatrix-ActiveX or any other ActiveX object.

Besides common properties objects can have "linked" properties. "Linked" properties are the ones displayed on the "Data" tab in the object properties window. "Linked" properties can be fixed on some data source fields.

All the objects (except the label) have a set of common properties listed below

Property Description
PositionX A value that defines the X coordinate where the object begins, mm.
PositionY A value that defines the Y coordinate where the object begins, mm.
SizeX A value that defines the object width in mm.
SizeY A value that defines the object height in mm.
(Data source) Defines the data source

After you create the objects they automatically go to the objects list.

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