Using Barcode ASP.NET Web Control without MS Visual Studio

Method 1. Using Barcode .NET Web Control without integrating it with Visual Studio.

This method of creating barcodes can be used in any environment. You only need a computer with the IIS server installed on it and .NET for that. The following steps demonstrate how Barcode .NET Web Control can be used in this mode.

Create a Virtual Directory or a Site. You can also use Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new Web Application.
  To create a virtual directory, follow these steps:
1. Open the control panel of the IIS server and right-click "Default Web Site".
2. Use the IIS Wizard to create a virtual directory.

Create IIS virtual directory.
Create physical directories named test and bin (inside the test directory).
  Copy the file ASPBarcodeGenerator.aspx to the test directory

Copy the files into the test directory.

Copy the files Barcodes.BarcodeWeb.dll and ASPBarcodeGenerator.dll to the bin directory

Copy the files into the bin directory.
You can use barcode already now.
  To do it, just start your Internet Browser and type in the address line:

You should see a barcode.

Barcode in the Microsoft Internet Explorer

To customize the barcode, you can use the parameters described here.
You can create any HTML page with a barcode in it.
  For example, create the file example.html. Here you can see the source code of this file:
<h1>Barcode .NET Web Generator</h1>
<img src="http://localhost/test/ASPBarcodeGenerator.aspx?text=123456789012&
bt=11&talign=4&fsize=14&fbold=1&w=250&h=100" width=250 height=100>
As a result, you should see the following HTML page with a barcode in it.

Barcode in the Microsoft Internet Explorer
Parameters to customize the barcode.
  You can specify these parameters in the address line after the '?' character. For instance, to encode the string '1234567' into the barcode, you should specify the following address line:

textBarText property
btBarType property
angleOrientation property
balignBarAlign property
ccheckCalcCheck property. ('1' or 'yes' - true)
c128csCode128CharSet property
bcolorBackColor property
fcolorForeColor property
tcolorTextColor property
talignTextAlign property
scheckShowCheck property. ('1' or 'yes' - true)
sguardShowGuard property. ('1' or 'yes' - true)
sststShowStSt property. ('1' or 'yes' - true)
stextShowText property. ('1' or 'yes' - true)
tbtTextBottomTop property. ('1' or 'yes' - true)
tfiTxtFullIndents property. ('1' or 'yes' - true)
quietShowQuietZone property. ('1' or 'yes' - true)
np2txtNonPrintingToTxt property. ('1' or 'yes' - true)
qjpegJPEGQuality property
bwrdnBarWidthReduction property
w2nrWide2NarrowRatio property
fnameTextFont property
fsizeTextFont property
fboldTextFont property
fitalicTextFont property
fstrikeoutTextFont property
funderlineTextFont property
imgSpecifies the image format extension ('jpeg', 'gif', etc)
wBarcode image width
hBarcode image height