Connection to Data source

In order to specify a data source click the "(Data source)" button on the "Data" tab in the object Properties window.

Click on the barcode data source

Then the Select data source window will be displayed. No data sources are specified for a newly created object by default.

Choose barcode data source

You can select one of the following data source types and specify its parameters

The data source having been selected and configured, any of the "linked" properties can be linked to this data source.

Link the data source to a barcode text property

After the object property has been linked to the data source field, the data from this field will be displayed in the object. So the property is considered to be "linked", i.e. you cannot assign a value to this property manually. The "linked" objects have the "key" icon displayed in the Properties window.

The barcode text property is locked

You should select the blank field to cancel the link.

If you change the data source the information on the preliminary linked properties is deleted.

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